Sun (exposure) Tests

Several tests for sun exposure paints and paint systems are available. The most important are:

  • ISO 16474-1, General guidelines for light exposure testing in a laboratory
  •  ISO 16474-2, Xenon test, variation in wavelength, radiation, temperature, relative humidity, method of humidification, water temperature, wetting cycle
  • ISO 16474-3, UV test, can be distinguished in UVA (340 nm) and UVB 13 nm) light, different cycles are used (alternating of dry irradiance and a condensation or water phase), there is variation in back-panel temperature; RH is not controlled; the test is a part of ISO 20340
  • ISO 11341, this standard has four different cycles, of which two alternating dry and wet and two dry continuous exposure; the radiation is equivalent to ISO 4892-2
  • ISO 11507 withdrawn, replaced by ISO 16474-1 and -3 (see above)
  • ISO 4892-2, Xenon lamp, variation in wavelength, radiation, temperature, relative humidity, method of humidification, water temperature and wetting / light cycle; this standard has many similarities with ISO 16474-2
  • ISO 4892-3, UV light (short wavelength UV), variation in type of UV light, radiation, temperature, method of humidification, water temperature and wetting / light cycle; the standard has many similarities with ISO 16474-3
  • ASTM G 26 withdrawn, replaced by ASTM G 151
  • ASTM G 53 withdrawn, replaced by ASTM G 154
  • ASTM G 151, general guidelines for rapid testing methods with light sources
  • ASTM G 154, UV exposure, largely equivalent to ISO 4892-3 and ISO 16474-3

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Autoclave tests

Over the years, the demand for paint testing at high pressure and temperature in combination with corrosive gases increases. In various standards and specifications such as ISO 15741, EN 10289, EN 10290, ARAMCO 09-SAMSS-067 APCS 27,