Immersion tests

Immersion tests are often carried out in accordance with ISO 2812. The coated test panels are completely or partially immersed in a test liquid, a homogeneous liquid mixture or a 2 or 3-phase liquid mixture at a given temperature and for a period of time which can range from 24 hours up to 6 months.

ISO 2812-1 describes the test in liquids other than water.

ISO 2812-2 describes immersion in water. The well known steel preservation standard ISO 12944-6 describes the corrosion category C5-I immersion tests in NaOH, sulfuric acid and mineral spirit during one week in accordance with ISO 2812-1. In addition there is water immersion according to ISO 2812-2 for 2000 or 3000 hours for the corrosion categories Im.

COT carries out the so-called one-side tests according to NACE TM-0174 or ASTM C 868, also known as Atlas cell, in which a non-insulated storage tank is simulated. The test can be carried out with additional cooling on the outside. For this test the standard version can be selected but also a pressurized version is available if the temperature of the immersion liquid is above the boiling point of the immersion liquid.

Takeover of COT by IFO Netherlands

January 2022, Haarlem January 14th IFO Netherlands realized the business acquisition of COT (Centre for Research and Technical advice) situated in Haarlem (NL). The companies have overlapping activities and for both IFO and COT it

Witnessing paint application

The required quality levels and specifications of coatings are increasing (for example in the oil and gas industry). In order to be able to meet the required specifications, the quality of the application becomes

Autoclave tests

Over the years, the demand for paint testing at high pressure and temperature in combination with corrosive gases increases. In various standards and specifications such as ISO 15741, EN 10289, EN 10290, ARAMCO 09-SAMSS-067 APCS 27,