Heavy Duty Testing

IFO-COT is specialized in testing ‘heavy duty’ coatings. Corrosion tests for the most extreme environments or corrosivity classes like in:




Building materials

We can perform several tests like:

  • Cathodic disbondment
  • (Seawater) Immersion
  • Cyclic ageing
  • Chemical resistance
  • Autoclave
  • Crude Oil
  • Wave tank
  • Kesternich (SO2)
  • H2S test
  • QUV, Xenon, Suntest

…..and much more, according to many standards and specifications.

According standards

Much used standards are ISO 9227, ISO 12944-6 and ISO 20340, as well as ISO 15741, EN 10289, EN 10290, EN 10301, EN 1359 and EN 14236.

IFO-COT also carries out tests according to NORSOK (NORSOK M-501), NACE (NACE RP0394, SP0108, TM0104, TM0174, TM0185, TM0404), API (API RP 5L2), MIL specs (DEF STAN 80-97, MIL-PRF- 4556F, MIL-PRF-23236D) and BRL (eg KIWA BRL-K21012 / 01 and BRL-K759 or SKH BRL 0817).

In addition, test are carried out according to company or industry specifications, for example, Shell, ARAMCO, PDO (SP-1246, SP-2034), ENI / AGIP (20551 PIP.COR.FUN), Enercon (QS tow 30-6b) TenneT, Qualisteelcoat, VMRG, HISWA (HISWA / COT standard for the aesthetics of the paint of luxury yachts) and ProRail product specifications SPC00240 and SPC00259.

According to the specifications ARAMCO, our laboratory can test according to most APCS numbers. IFO-COT laboratory designated by Saudi ARAMCO as one of the 5-6 accredited testing laboratories worldwide. The same applies to PDO (Petroleum Development Oman), ENI / AGIP in Italy and Shell Global Solutions in Amsterdam.

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