Research and testing of coatings

The laboratory research includes chemical analyzes, determines physical and technical characteristics of coatings and performs climate tests (sustainability research). All  the equipment for testing coatings according to national (NEN, BRL), industry-specific (KIWA, SKH, CUR, VMRG, HISWA), international (ISO, EN, ASTM, NACE, DIN) and custom (Shell, Agip, NORSOK, NAM, Aramco, PDO, TenneT) standards or specifications.

Also the laboratory tests coatings on aesthetic properties and investigates the influence of pre-treatment and application. The COT laboratory also has an outdoor testing field  in accordance with ISO 2810.

Types of coatings

Food approvals and environmental aspects are assessed in tests for the European Ecolabel, Food approvals and the Toy Decree. All types of coatings can be found in the laboratory, from shop primers to wall paint, from exterior stain to powder coating, from concrete paint to furniture lacquer, from spray plaster to high chemical resistant paint and from radiator lacquers to coatings for offshore installations or ships.


Clients include almost all Dutch paint and sealant manufacturers, printer manufacturers, ministries, oil companies, consumer organizations, commercial enterprises, application and contracting companies. Furthermore, COT also works for various organizations and companies abroad.

Examples of projects carried out are a study on facade cladding and bonding, a large-scale sustainability study of architectural paints and research into emission of building materials.

Takeover of COT by IFO Netherlands

January 2022, Haarlem January 14th IFO Netherlands realized the business acquisition of COT (Centre for Research and Technical advice) situated in Haarlem (NL). The companies have overlapping activities and for both IFO and COT it

Witnessing paint application

The required quality levels and specifications of coatings are increasing (for example in the oil and gas industry). In order to be able to meet the required specifications, the quality of the application becomes

Autoclave tests

Over the years, the demand for paint testing at high pressure and temperature in combination with corrosive gases increases. In various standards and specifications such as ISO 15741, EN 10289, EN 10290, ARAMCO 09-SAMSS-067 APCS 27,