Project support

Expert consultants advise clients with building maintenance and during renovationwork. The actual condition of  wood, concrete, metal and masonry elements from roof until floor can be researched . Advise is given in the use of materials, optimization of details and technical and organizational maintenance strategy.

If needed COT organizes and supervises complete maintenance projects where the following items may be applicable:

  • Research or recording of the actual condition
  • Drawing up an action plan
  • Cost estimate
  • Tendering
  • Supervision of the work (quality and financial control)

Damage expertise

Experienced consultants focus on damages in building elements. Damage expertise begins with an independent and thorough investigation. Many common defects are leakages, cracking and detachment of building materials and defects caused by various environmental influences. Our consultants offer a professional analysis of the nature, scale and intensity of the defects and describe the findings in clear damage reports. Use of the COT laboratory can also be made.

Among the clients of COT are managers and owners of real estate as well as law firms, (Legal) insurance companies and courts for which the consultants act as experts.