Project support

NACE and Frosio certified consultants can be of service in performing conservation technical inspections, quality control and consultancy. The experienced and independent consultants are widely used in metal conservation of new sites and maintenance projects. During temporary or long-term projects consultants can perform first-, second- or third-line inspections.

Damage expertise

The experienced consultants are versatile for damage inspections. The COT is regularly engaged in disputes between clients, applicators and paint suppliers about the quality in preservation activities. On site research is performed to determine the cause of defects. In addition the COT laboratory can perform additional research.

Among the clients of the COT are contractors, municipalities, government agencies such as the Dutch water boards but also law firms (Legal), insurance companies and courts where our consultants act as experts.

Takeover of COT by IFO Netherlands

January 2022, Haarlem January 14th IFO Netherlands realized the business acquisition of COT (Centre for Research and Technical advice) situated in Haarlem (NL). The companies have overlapping activities and for both IFO and COT it

Witnessing paint application

The required quality levels and specifications of coatings are increasing (for example in the oil and gas industry). In order to be able to meet the required specifications, the quality of the application becomes

Autoclave tests

Over the years, the demand for paint testing at high pressure and temperature in combination with corrosive gases increases. In various standards and specifications such as ISO 15741, EN 10289, EN 10290, ARAMCO 09-SAMSS-067 APCS 27,