Make a complaint about COT bv

Complains about COT bv can be done by phone (+31 23-5319544).

Do you wish to make a written complain, there are 2 options:

  • E-mail or letter

A written complain can be done by filling in our contact form. Make clear at ‘Subject’ that this concerns a complain. Or send a letter with your complaint to COT bv.

With a written complain we request to include your phone number. This way we can ask you for further information or take away some unclarities.

Handling the complaint

Complains have to be handled by COT bv with great care. What this means depends on each individual complaint.

COT bv can contact you by phone to enlighten the matter. This might be enough to solve the complaint, but only when you are truly satisfied.

Formal process

The process includes the following steps:

  • Within 1 week you will receive a reaction about the complaint.
  • The complaint will be handled by someone who is not involved with the matter the complaint concerns.
  • Both complainer as the one complained about will be heard.

If you wish to see our internal procedure we will send this to you on request.